Wow... I'm sorry it's been so long... Well, I went to fright fest the other day with my mom and it was a blast. I cannot wait for Halloween! What's your favorite holiday?


take a good look at these pictures... The place I grew up going to, the family fun, all of it... it's all gone. Firsr Sandy and now this... It's just not right...

Why is this all happening now...


So i promised picture but i'm having some issues getting them onto my computer. But as soon as i get them on, i will post them.

Now for another matter... YOURS TRULY COMES OUT IN ABOUT 45 MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!! I have been waiting 3 whole years for Ariana Grande to put out this album and finally it's here!!!

All the jokes, all the teases, all the times she said "Soon"... Well "soon" is finally here and Yours Truly is going to be huge!!!

Well...I'm now going to go fangirl with my friend over twitter and watch every single Arianator die because of the anxiety! So if you love me... go buy the album!!!!!! Please!!!


I"M GOING TO GO SEE ARIANA GRANDE IN CONCERT TOMORROW!!! I'll probably post some pictures on Sunday or Monday! Lol.

Ok well... Have an amazing day, and make sure you SMILE!



Oh year and guess what!!! I got tickets to go see Ariana Grande August 17!!!! I cant wait! Me and my best friend are going to go see her! I think August and September are going to be the best months of my life! So the concert is in August, Ari's album comes out in September and the NCIS season 11 premiers in September! I'm a little bit excited if you couldn't tell. Well watch the video. Its really really great!


In no way shape or form am i a Twilight fan. This one scene from Eclipse kept popping up into my head, and as i thought more and more about, i knew that it was completely true. I have to give them credit because this was a truly amazing scene.

So i'm writing a new story on FanFiction that kind of relates to this video. Its about graduation and i wrote a valedictory address for the story. This is it:

“Life isn't about knowing exactly what you want to do, where you want to go, who you’re going to be. It's not about taking a guess and following where it leads to. It’s about making mistake, and learning from them. It’s about falling in love, and getting your heart broken over and over again, until you find that one person. It’s not going to be easy. There will be many obstacles, many mountains, many failures, but I can promise you, that it is worth it. Because with every failure, you will succeed in something much greater. People always looks for the reward in life, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but sometimes there isn’t one. Not everything in life will put a smile on your face. Sometimes you just have to pick your head up and forget about it, because sometimes the journey is greater than the reward. If I could tell you all something right now, it would be to never take advantage of life. Don’t ever think that you can do it tomorrow. Don’t ever put it off because you’re scared of what might happen. Take the risk and do it now, because there may never be another tomorrow. After today, we will never eat lunch in the Asphalt CafĂ© again, and we will never open out lockers again. Soon enough, we will forget our combinations, then we will forget faces, and forget names, and finally all of this, high school, will be a memory. So in the time that we have left this summer, before college, take too many picture, laugh too much, make memories you will never forget, because every sixty seconds you waist upset, is a minute of happiness you can never get back. So to the class of 2013, live your life to the fullest, never be afraid because there may not be another tomorrow.”


The musical about wrong judgement, love, and true friendship, Wicked. I've wanted to see this musical since i was about 5. The tickets were always too much money and the one time i found cheap tickets for good seats and was able to go, Hurricane Sandy hit and flooded the tunnels to New York City. After waiting 8 years, you could imagine how devastated i was.

There is this one song that I've liked more than the rest. The one song that i think defines the whole musical, "For Good". Its a duet between Glinda and Elphaba. Glinda explains, its said that people come into your life to teach you a lesson, and she doesn't know if this is true, but she does know Elphaba is the reason she is who she is today. Elphaba then comes in. She says, they may never see each other again, but before she leaves, she needs to tell Glinda something. She says everything that she has become, is from what she learned from Glinda. She knows that their story, their friendship, is going to end, but she will never forget what Glinda did for her and how Glinda was her friend when nobody else was. Elphaba explains that she knows that Glinda has blamed her for a lot, but she asks for forgiveness for everything she has been blamed for. Glinda says, there is a lot of blame to share and i have made my own mistakes. Both then say that it doesn't matter anymore. The last line, the most powerful line throughout the song, because i knew you, i have been changed for good. 

Hopefully after you listen to this song, it will remind you of someone...